2017 Emcee Madness, Round #1: Notorious B.I.G. vs. Run

Help us pick the best MC in the history of hip-hop, and win a trip for 2 to see the 2Pac Exhibit at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame!

Listen every weekday in March at 2PM for DJ Bedz to announce the match-up of the day. Once the match-up is live, you will be able to vote on flo1071.com for the MC you want to advance to the next round. The rapper with the most votes on our official website (flo1071.com) will be the rapper that advances. At 5PM Slim will announce the winning MC.

For each of the 8 (eight) first round match-ups we will post the match-up on Facebook as well. When we do, leave a comment that explains in detail which MC you are pulling for and why. At 5PM, Slim will announce the listeners with the best answer for each MC. The listener with the best Facebook response for their respective MC will “win the rapper” for the duration of the tournament. If that artist goes on to win the entire contest, the listener that represents that rapper will be the winner of the trip to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame!

Good luck Flo Family!