Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hitting On Foreigners Just Got So Much Easier

The language barrier sucks. Waverly Labs may have the solution though. They've developed an earpiece called "The Pilot" that can translate most spoken words....

So Much Reese’s Goodness

If you love Reese's Cups and Reese's Peices, now you can save time eating both at once! Earlier in the week Hersey's confirmed that Reese's...

Raise a Can of America This Summer

Annually Budweiser steps up their brand's patriotism for the summer months, and now with is being an election year.. they went all out! The...

Boaty McBoatface Sunk

Instead of giving the greatest name to a boat ever... U.K's government decided to name the boat after the 4th place name, The RSS...

New C.O.D Trailer Will Confuse You, But The Ending Will Satisfy You.

Here comes the world's highest selling entertainment release... again. This year's Call Of Duty has a little extra surprise waiting at the end. Something that should push...

“Punisher” Getting His Own Netflix Spin Off

Jon Benthal will be reprising his roll as the Punisher, from season 2 of Daredevil, for his own series on Netflix. Supposedly Netflix was working...

X:men Apocalypse’s Final Trailer is Here

... and it's rad! https://youtu.be/Jer8XjMrUB4

The People Have Spoken, and Boaty McBoatface is in… Almost.

The NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) finally closed the poles to name their 300 million dollar research vessel. The land slide winner, Boaty McBoatface,...

Batman Movie Confirmed With Affleck Directing and Staring

Earlier this week Warner Brothers Films confirmed a standalone Batman movie staring and directed by Ben Affleck. Although not many details have been given,...


Seems like only yesterday we were pumped for The Force Awakens, and now we can be re-pumped all over again!! https://youtu.be/Wji-BZ0oCwg
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