Day 11: Results Day

I can’t believe it’s already been 10 days on the NutriMost program. I’ve learned so much about my health and what it takes to be healthy. Today, my boss and I went to the NutriMost office to meet with our health coaches and Dr. Cadwell. The Boss and I each did a weigh-in and the results were phenomenal (video coming soon).

In a little over 10 days I’ve lost 16 POUNDS!! In addition to losing 16 pounds I also gained water weight. Like I said, it’s not all about the weight loss. It’s about my overall health. I’m feeling thinner and healthier. (See my results below) Not to rub it in, but I’m the winner!!!

A-RICH 10 Day Check-Up:

beath the boss results Arich

Here are Sean’s (boss) results:

beat the boss results sean