Day 17: NutriMost Denver Staff

I couldn’t do this without the amazing NutriMost Denver staff and the expertise of Dr. Cadwell. Each morning, I text my current weight to Dr. Cadwell. He always responds with an encouraging note and follows up with advice. I never feel like I’m out on an island by myself. I can always count on Dr. Cadwell or the NutriMost staff to help me!

Yesterday, “the Boss” Sean went in for a check-up. He did a couple of scans and received a new progress report. In less than a week, the advice Dr. Cadwell gave him has paid off. Sean is increasing his water and shedding weight. This competition is getting heated.

The picture below is one of the scans we go through. It’s amazing technology. The blue bottle is one of many supplements I take on a regular basis.

nutrimost scan