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DOGS OR CATS? I know this isn’t a popular answer, but I’ve always been a Cat guy. The unconditional love of Dogs is off-putting, I like my pets to be snobbish and indifferent. 

THANKSGIVING OR CHRISTMAS? Christmas is like Thanksgiving, with presents. St. Nick for the win.

HAWAII OR SWITZERLAND? Swedish Bikini Team and Swedish Fish all day errrrrrr day.

80’S OR 90’S? Clinton > Reagan, Rakim > Everybody. We’ll call it a tie.

TRUST OR LOVE? Love it or hate it, I don’t trust this question. Abstain.

COKE OR PEPSI? Well, I do work in the Pepsi Center.

MICHAEL OR PRINCE? I’ll give Prince a slight nod for his ability to play and master his own instruments.

WHITNEY OR MARIAH? Delirious TRL Mariah will always have my heart.

SPRING OR FALL? Pumpkin Spice condoms.

MOVIES OR BOOKS? Movies, but only if Ben Affleck is playing the leading role in a screenplay adaptation of a book. Doppelganger loyalty people. 

FLIP FLOPS OR BOOTS? Flip flops, no socks. I’m not a savage you know.

FILET OR LOBSTER? A well-cooked steak is tough to beat. If the opponent were King Crab Legs I’d be torn.

SNICKERS OR STARBURSTS? I like those red-flavor only bags of Starbursts without the wrappers. Because, lazy.

TUPAC OR B.I.G? My rankings are as follows 1) Pre-1994 2Pac 2) B.I.G. 3) Post-1994 2 Pac

KETCHUP OR MUSTARD? Ketchup on the beat, h**.


LA OR NYC? Wherever they have Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles and Occidental College.

NIKE OR ADIDAS? Standing on 2/5 Street, funky fresh and yes cold on my feet.

TARGET OR WALMART? Walmart is the anti-Christ.

TACOS OR PIZZA? El Chingon tacos are life.


Bill has proven to have a tad more staying power…

UPS OR FED EX? I unloaded trucks overnight for UPS one summer while I was in college. I decided to quit without any notice, sorry guys.

FERRARI OR LAMBORGHINIDriving fast scares me, I’d trade in either for something slower – like you know, health insurance.

ATT&T OR SPRINT? Which one sponsors me? My allegiance can be bought.

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