Po’ It Up: Inventor Of Red Solo Cup Dead At 84

With just over a week left, 2016 took another one with her before turning the page.  Robert Leo Hulseman, who is credited with inventing the Red Solo Cup in the 1970s, passed away peacefully at his Arizona home on Dec. 21. Hulseman’s father started The Solo Cup Company circa 1936, before he turned the venture over to his son, who became CEO in 1980.

You may have never heard of Robert Hulseman, but you’ve most certainly felt his impact, as everyone is familiar with the party staple. “I think for one thing it’s a neutral color that’s appealing to both men and women,” said Hulseman regarding the signature red color choice, which makes sense when you think about the occasions the cups are used for. The Illinois native still resided in Northfield, Illinois, but spent most of his time in Scottsdale, Arizona since stepping down as CEO of his father’s company in 2015.

He was known as an innovator, a hands-on manufacturing expert, and an industry pioneer; many of the products he developed are ubiquitous today, including the Red Solo Cup and the Traveller Lid. Throughout his life, Bob was a gentleman who demonstrated class at all turns and a great deal of trust in others,” reads his obituary.

Hulseman is survived by nine of his children, in addition to his wife of 60 years, Sheila. Next time you are drinking from a Red Solo Cup, po’ one up for ol’ Robert.