Sisqo Revamped His “Thong Song” In Support Of LeBron James For MVP

There are a lot of top contenders for MVP this NBA 2016-17 season — James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and Isaiah Thomas are among the few. But if for some reason you ask Sisqo about who should nab the title this year, he’d insist on LeBron James. In fact, the singer is so adamant that LeBron is the only right choice, that he transformed his 1999 classic, “The Thong Song” into a campaign melody for the baller.

In the one-minute parody video, Sisqo is seen laying down the vocals to his remix in the studio, while cartoon heads of LeBron and other basketball players bounce on top of lyrics displayed on the screen. In substitution for the original track’s raunchy lyrics, Sisqo subs in rhymes explaining why the NBA’s MVP shouldn’t be anyone else but LeBron. “Harden could be MVP, but he coughs up the ball and he don’t play D. Got more turnovers than the bakery,” he rhymes. “Westbrook been really hot. Then again he missed a million shots. Some nights he can’t hit the parking lot.” He rounds out the chorus by swapping out “thong” and inserting LeBron’s name. “It’s so wrong, if you don’t give it to LeBron,” he sings.

While the remix was definitely a good laugh, it doesn’t seem like LeBron will require much campaigning for the MVP title. As ESPN previously forecasted, the point guard is positioned to receive the highest honor based on stats alone. With that being said, the sports network did tally up Westbrook and Kevin Durant trailing close behind. But if LeBron were to stay on his A-game, this would be his fifth overall title since his first back in 2013. It would also tie him with Michael Jordan.

There is still some time left on the clock. The NBA previously announced that the MVP as well as other honors will be revealed on June 26.

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