A new Futuristic way to Travel in Denver

It’s no secret traffic in Denver is AWFUL. And it just keeps getting worse as more and more people move to the area. But an LA based company thinks they have the answer.

The company is called Arrivo, and hey have partnered with the Colorado Department of Transportation to install a test track near the airport to perfect a futuristic way of traveling.

They have come up with the idea to have travel pods that move 200 MPH from one short distance to the other.

The ultimate goal is to install a track from downtown Denver to Boulder and have a travel time of 8 minutes each way.

That will surely cut down on traffic if they are successful in creating another way for people to commute.

It’s a few years down the road until they are able to make it happen, but I’m all for it!

For all the details on how this plan works, CLICK HERE.


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