A woman calls the cops after a dog humps her dog at the Dog Park.

Dog Park Diane

Whenever a dog randomly hops up on another dog and starts humping, it is what it is right? Well a woman in Massachusetts called the cops a few days ago…. when another guy’s dog wouldn’t stop humping her dog at the dog park. The world now knows her as “Dog Park Diane”

A 42-year-old guy named Franklin Baxley was at a dog park in Attleboro, Massachusetts a few days ago, and one of his dogs started humping another dog. He pulled his dog off, but then his dog went back for a little more action. So the woman called the cops. As Franklin put it, she called them on his dog for, quote, “sexually assaulting her dog”

Franklin said “If I were not black, she wouldn’t have felt threatened by me talking to her and defying her orders for me to leave the park.. but I wouldn’t be surprised if this woman does this to just about anyone as she seems a little off.” The Police did show up but no charges were filed.

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