A Woman Reports Her Car Stolen . . . While She’s Driving It in a Police Chase

A 20-year-old woman called the police saying her car had been stolen, while running from police, in an attempt to trick them into thinking she wasn’t the one driving her car during the chase. It did not end well…

According to Clinton County Sherrif Rick Lincoln, on August 13, around 10:38 a.m. a deputy sheriff was on patrol on Highway 30 near Mill Creek Parkway in Clinton.

The deputy clocked an Eastbound vehicle on radar exceeding the speed limit.

The pursuit went through Low Moor where the driver ran the stop and then through Folletts where the driver ran another stop sign at 380th Ave at Highway 67. The pursuit continued across the Wapsi River into Scott County.

Le Claire Police attempted to stop the car by deploying Stop Sticks but were unsuccessful.

Eventually, the Iowa State Patrol was able to successfully deploy Stop Sticks that flattened the tires of the Buick.

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