An 86-Year Old Bought a VCR on Ebay and Wrote the Nicest Thank-You Note

eBay customer, 86, writes sweet letter to VHS seller

A guy in St. Louis sold an old VCR on Ebay about a month ago. It meant so much to the 86-year old man who bought it that he wrote a heartfelt letter to show is gratitude. He was now able to watch old footage of his friends and family.

Matt Shoukry sold a used VCR on eBAY for $40 just trying to make some extra cash not knowing the impact he was about the make in one man’s life. His name is Don and he’s never bought anything on eBay before. In the letter, he explained that he’d recently found a bunch of old tapes, but didn’t have any way to watch them. He said there was footage from his retirement party 25 years ago, which he’d never seen before. He was also able to watch his Wedding video, and see a bunch of friends and family who are no longer with us. Matt was so blown away by the letter, he’s framing it. He wrote Don back to say thank you. He is going to digitize all his tapes for him so they’re easier to watch

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