And So It Begins. My Proposal Story

I’m taking myself off the shelf! I have been madly in love with my Sharon for over 6 years now and I have decided to ask her to marry me. We were recently at a wedding where Sharon caught the bouquet and I caught the garter belt. She looked at me and I looked back at her and I think we both were thinking…”Here we go!”
So, knowing nothing about jewelry or diamonds, I started asking for recommendations around the office for a great place to find an engagement ring. My good friend Sean told me about Mark’s Diamonds. He literally said, “but don’t tell anyone, keep it hush hush.” haha. And, here I am telling people about it.
I’ll keep you up in the loop along the way as I pick out Sharon’s ring and plan my proposal. I’ll be needing your help too.
So, welcome to my proposal story. It’s going to be quite the story and I couldn’t do it without the love I have for my beautiful girlfriend Sharon and the amazing help from Mark’s Diamonds.
Check them out:


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