Aretha Franklin

The Queen of Soul Has Passed


In her 5 decades as a recording artist, Aretha Franklin, the undisputed “Queen of Soul,” has become a music legend.

Aretha recorded her first album at the age of 14, The Gospel Sound of Aretha Franklin, while singing solos in church and going on tours with her father.  In 1960 she signed with Columbia Records. Columbia tried to turn Aretha into a jazzy/ pop singer but she was determined to succeed in blues and gospel music. In 1966 Franklin signed with Atlantic Records, who gave her more creative control and she began revolutionizing soul music as we know it by creating a sound all her own.

By 1968 Aretha Franklin was considered a symbol of black pride and soul music. Her songs, Respect, You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman and Think became cultural anthems. Her album Amazing Grace sold over two million copies and made her one of the most successful gospel singers of the era!

In the 1980s, Franklin moved to Arista Records where she has recorded everything from gospel to dance music.

Aretha was the first woman ever inducted into the Rock & Rock Hall of Fame, with the highest number of Top 40 singles of any female performer (45). Over her career, she has won 17 Grammy’s and had 20 #1 R&B hits! Her 1967 album, I Never Loved a Man the Way I Loved You is considered the greatest soul album of all time while her 1971 Aretha Live at the Fillmore West is called one of the top 5 greatest live albums of the rock era. Aretha Franklin was a true worldwide icon and we’ll be missed.

May the Queen of Soul rest in peace for eternity.

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