Morning After 1-17-19

There is a new Facebook trend that has people drinking their own pee, a man runs from the cops in a golf cart, and Soulja boy is off the deep end say Drake learned his craft from him?

Morning After 1-16-19

What's one thing you would change on your body? Chris Pratt is engaged to The Terminators daughter. Drake signs 10 show, 10 million dollar deal in Vegas.

Morning After 1-15-19

Kathie J's daughter took a pee on somebody, Donald Trump spoils the National Champion Clemson Tigers with McDonald's at the White House, and Grandpa stops by the show.

Morning After 1-14-19

Larry and Kathie J ask listeners "what do you love, that everyone else hates", a women gets band from Wal-Mart for driving her rascal around the parking lot while drinking wine out of a Pringles can,…