Morning After 12-10-18

Tyler Perry donates over $430,000 by paying off layaway bills at Georgia Walmarts, Drake posts a pic on Instagram that has the ladies worked up, and Kathie J fills us in on some cool treats that you…

Morning After 12-06-18

Larry and Kathie J ask listeners to answer the question "I've excepted the fact that i will never be..... We grant an amazing Christmas Wish and Emanuel Sanders has a season ending injury.

Morning After 12-05-18

The Larry and Kathie J "Christmas Wish" is in full swing, a kid goes to a city counsel meeting to have snowballs removed from the city's regulations, and do you have a ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend tatted…

Morning After 12-4-18

Meek Mill has a uncomfortable Dinner with Jay-Z and Beyonce, Would you stay with your current spouse if you could do it all over again? We grant another Christmas Wish.