Baggage Handler Endures 90 Minute Flight After Getting Trapped In Plane’s Cargo Hold

A United Express Flight 6060 had an unknown passenger onboard its journey from North Carolina to Virginia on New Year’s Day. According to the Washington Post, baggage handler Reginald Gaskin found himself trapped inside the plane’s cargo area, but per his attorney’s mandate, he has yet to reveal how he ended up there.

After the news site reached out to the 45-year-old for a comment, Gaskin simply said, “I thank God. He was with me.” Gaskin endured a 90 minute trip in the limited space, which traveled from Charlotte, NC to Virginia’s Dulles International Airport.

A few of Gaskin’s co-workers noticed that he was M.I.A. and notified the Federal Aviation Administration of the possibility that he was locked underneath the plane. Once the aircraft landed in Dulles, medical officials swiftly attended to Gaskin.

In a statement issued by United Express to a news station back in Charlotte, Gaskin was unharmed.

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