Becky G On Playing A Badass Latinx Superhero In ‘Power Rangers’

Becky G is living out her childhood dreams in her first major movie, Power Rangers. A longtime fan of the original ’90s television series, the “Todo Cambio” singer is now the first Latina superhero to be featured on film in her role as Yellow Ranger Trini, according to Latina Magazine.

The cause for celebration is illuminated by another groundbreaking moment, as the former Empire guest star portrays the first queer superhero on the big screen.

“My character Trini is a total badass,” she said of her character. “All the kids in the movie are teenagers and we’re figuring out who we are and where we fit in the world. You’ll see Trini going through a transition of being this loner and owning it to realizing that she actually has real friendships that are meaningful. She isn’t necessarily knowledgeable of how powerful she can be, she low-key underestimates herself but pretends like she’s got it all under control.”


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As a proud Mexican-American, the actress also takes pride in being a part of a diverse cast that came together naturally rather than by force. “We’re all from different continents, we all come from different backgrounds, we’re just a mix of different cultures. We represent who we are and we don’t have any shame in that,” she explained. “What was really awesome about the audition process was that in the character breakdown there was no ethnicity to any of the characters. It wasn’t based on, ‘We have to have this ranger be this skin color.’ It had to do with the personality. I think it was intentional to be diverse but not the way everyone expected it to be—it was done in a more positive, genuine way.”

Power Rangers premieres on Friday (March 24).

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