Bolte’s Top 5 Board Films

Nothing pumps me up more for hitting the slopes than a good ski/board film. For me, a good board film has to have a few key elements to be considered worthy entertainment. First of all, it has to have a badass soundtrack. Nothing is worse than watching gapers take to the hill with a lame stock audio guitar riff. Here are my TOP FIVE favorite ski and board flicks.

  1. Optimistic? – Absinthe Films: I watch this one every year. It follows some of the GREATS to some cool places around the globe. There are some nice shots here and the eclectic soundtrack is great.

2.  The B: This one has everything you love, helicopters, powder, industrial metal tube jumps and tons of BIG AIR. It’s just good fun.

3. “The Dream State Project” – A Ski Adventure FIlm: WOW! This film has some amazing cinematography and ridiculous runs. The makers of this film do a great job of capturing a POV of big mountain skiing.

4. TWENTY: Just pure doneness.

5. Under the Influence: The way this film begins earns it a top-five position.



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