Busta Rhymes Taps Missy Elliott and Kelly Rowland For “Get It”

Errbody know Misdemeanor don’t stop and her records don’t flop, got the game on lock.

My brain. It doesn’t know how to process Busta Rhymes‘ new song “Get It,” featuring Missy Elliottand Kelly Rowland. There’s a lot going on here.

Busta spits a rapid-fire verse over Kelly’s robotic rumblings of the words “get it.” It’s actually quite strange Rowland’s vocals are utilized so minimally here.

Missy has a much greater presence on “Get It.”

“Everybody looking when I step up in the spot,” she raps over the clamoring beat and Kelly’s distractingly catchy chopped hook. “See the way I rock, I’m hot you’re not. Everybody wanna clock, man get off my jock. Everybody know Misdemeanor don’t stop, and my records don’t flop. Got the game on lock.”

“Get It” is sensory overload (in a good way).


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