Canadian Family Drove for Two Days with Dad’s Corpse to Avoid American Healthcare

Police say they’re investigating after a family attempted to cross into Canada with the corpse of a parent in the back of a van.

Sûreté du Québec told the Canadian Press, the van’s passengers were a man in his 60s and his two parents, one alive and one deceased. Police say that the call was initially for an unconscious person in the back of the van but when paramedics attended the scene they found that the man had been dead for at least two days. Police say they stopped the van at around 2:30 AM on Sunday at Quebec’s Hemmingford crossing and are investigating.

The mother and son reportedly didn’t want to use the American healthcare system and, further to that, once he was dead, didn’t want to deal with repatriating the body from America to Canada (something that can also be pricey). So, with the cost of medical treatment and flying his body back to Canada in their mind, the two continued their drive north with a dead father in the back of the van.

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