Caught on Video: Adorable Bear Plays in the Snow in Boulder

A bear was caught on video enjoying the snow and playing with a soccer ball in a Boulder residence’s backyard amidst the winter storm.

With a winter storm currently moving through most of the state this week, we can expect a couple of inches of snow to pile down in various areas of Colorado. While most of us will do our best to stay indoors and keep warm, this playful bear decided to enjoy the snowstorm in a different way.

A resident of Boulder, Colorado, caught a bear playing with their soccer ball in their backyard on Monday, October 27. The bear can be seen rolling around in the snow and tossing around the soccer ball. This adorable footage reminds us to stop and enjoy the little things during this storm!

Watch the video of the bear in Boulder below:

Courtesy of Scott Willhite on Twitter

Pretty adorable, right? We’ve been watching this video on repeat as we stay nice and cozy inside. It also reminds of this equally adorable video of two bears chilling in a pool before the October 10 snowstorm.

If you find yourself out and about during all of this snow in Colorado over the next 24 hours, please be careful and drive with caution.

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