Da Baby-Kirk Tour

FLO 107.1 was GOIN BABY two weeks ago finding the most dedicated DaBaby fans out of our listeners! Shout out to those of you who competed drinking out of a baby bottle, eating baby food and searching through dirty diapers in hopes of winning some free DaBaby tickets to last Thursday’s concert!

We gave 3 of you lucky winners tickets, and I think you all would agree the dirty diapers were totally worth it!

Off the rip, the billion dollar baby gave us vibez at the sold-out show of 4k people at our Mile High city’s newest and grandest venue; mission ballroom.

Mission ballroom assimilates the very architecture of Denver’s love for modern creativity. The vibes were electronic and edgy.

Dababy fans matched that energy with eccentric fits of neon greens, oranges, and yellows. No surprise the bold and unapologetic stepped in the building, ready to experience the BOP’s from the life of Kirk.

For any of our fans who met DaBaby I hope you told him FLO107.1 loves him.. and that’s not a typo.

For those who didn’t, anytime you find yourself at mission ballroom, you can check out a golden framed Dababy showing his classic full teeth smile and iconic fists up pose, hung in the lobby beaming the same positive energy the young king hit the stage with.

The iconic pose (for all my empath’s) may have served as a cue that DaBaby fans will throw fists over there spots. Period. After seeing DaBaby perform, I really can’t be mad at that.

You could take a full bite out of the energy the crowd served, it was that intense!

No doubt, true DaBaby fans in Denver were prepared to experience no less than a spiritually transcending show from the aesthetically bold and animated, Dababy himself.

What he gave us was a testament to his captivation and control in his performance! He took not one bite.

Instead of feeding off the energy of the audience, DaBaby stood in his own aura and gave us a full course meal.

Almost instantly, all of the almost fights and less than innocent back and forth’s were set to focus on the Charlotte, North Carolina born rapper.

We were all the way pulled in.

The distinct rhythm of DaBaby was fluid throughout the dances, basslines, and Aesthetic of the whole production.

The hip hop musical production included dancers, acrobats, and other featuring rappers that never missed a beat of the choreography and acting bringing to life our favorite music videos live on stage! All the way from SUGE to BOP on Broadway.

”Turnt Connectivity” was the theme of the night because anyone just standing or sitting in the venue that night, may have needed a pulse and paramedics. Dababy kept the content without dropping the vibe and touched us with songs like GOSPEL, keeping us engaged with his thoughts on the mic.

All-inclusive of visual, energetic, and vibrational sensory, The Million Dollar Baby kept us on 100 from beginning to end.

From our gaze it looks like this is only the Intro to Day Baby’s story as a star!

Remember when you see the street team in our black, red, and white you know it’s the @FLO1071denver crew! I wanna remind y’all we have continuous dance contests and chances to win @FLO1071denver T-shirts, merch and prize tickets! Check us out at our next event and tell us how you #stayFLO ‍‍with your favorite artists!
Till next time FLO nation #stayflo

December 03, 2019

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