DJ A-Rich Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day 4/24/2018

  1. Meek Mill Released From Prison

Meek Mill will be released from prison on Tuesday, a statement from the rapper was posted on his Instagram page thanking JAY-Z and Roc Nation along with friends, family, and fans for the support over the past 5 months.

Meek acknowledged that he is privileged to be able to fight his case and understands that many people in his situation aren’t able to fight their convictions due to their circumstances, he has vowed to commit himself to “shine a light on those issues.”

Mill also said that he will be working with his legal team to overthrow the conviction and looks forward to reuniting with his family and continuing his music career.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania overruled Judge Genece Brinkley decision to deny Meek’s bail, the justices are going to release Meek without bail pending a hearing to overturn his conviction in 60 days. Although the court wouldn’t remove Brinkley from Meek’s case, they did say she could “remove herself from presiding over the matter.”

What do you think Meek Mill should do after being released from jail?



2. Suge Knight’s murder trial scheduled for the fall

There is finally a start date for the Suge Knight murder trial.
The judge announced the trial will begin on September 24th.
Knight’s family is looking for another defense lawyer. This will be his 15th lawyer in the case.
Knight has been in jail since 2015. He’s facing charges of murder and attempted murder for an incident that took the life of Terry Carter. Knight has pleaded not guilty saying his actions were in self defense.
Are you glad we can get on with this trial? Do you think Suge will be found guilty?


3. ‘Jumanji’ sequel coming in 2019

A sequel for Jumanji has been scheduled for December 2019.
Dwayne Johnson will definitely return. It’s unclear whether Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillian will come back.
So far, Jumanji – Welcome To The Jungle has made over $950 million worldwide.
Did you like the movie? Are you happy a follow-up is coming?



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