DJ for a Day

Do you have what it takes to be a morning show DJ?

FLO 107.1 and the Larry and Kathie J morning show with the Colorado Media School

are going to give you your BIG SHOT!

Colorado Media School is going to help you produce a demo to send to the FLO 107.1 morning show team. One submission will win their way onto the morning show along with $500 cash.

All you have to do is record your demo by contacting Colorado Media School.

Call them at (720) 897-7528 to schedule your recording time.

The Colorado Media School will then send your demo to Larry Ulibarri and Kathie J to be reviewed. If you’re selected as the “DJ for a Day” you’ll be contacted on March 27th by the morning show team live on-air and your on-air debut with your $500 cash will be waiting for you.

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