DJ’sA-RichFLO NewsEntertainment Top 3 Trending Stories Of The Day With DJ A Rich 3/29/2018

1. DMX Gets 1 Year in Jail
Sentencing in the DMX tax evasion case was yesterday, and the judge ruled that X was going to jail for one year after he plead guilty to dodging $1.7 million in taxes.
The judge, Jed Rakoff, said that DMX was “a good man” and thought the sentence should be modest, but he couldn’t let the crime go unpunished.
Lawyers for DMX, had the idea of playing his song “Slippin” to explain his difficulties and how he wasn’t prepared to deal with the success, but that didn’t work.
It just couldn’t be overlooked that from 2000 to 2005, DMX avoided paying taxes by moving money to different accounts held by managers and other people he knew. He has been in jail since January.
Do you feel any remorse for DMX?


2. Nicki Minaj Hops Into The Mercedes A-Class For New Campaign

Nicki Minaj took a break from recording her new album to star in a Mercedes Benz commercial. The pink Barbie is a part of  Mercedes’ “Just Like You” campaign. While Nicki pops into the A-Class model like a genie, the driver uses her voice to ask the car to play Hip-Hop.
Also in the commercial there is a reminder that all new Mercedes will be equipped with a year of free Tidal Music, which is the streaming service that Nicki is co-owns with Beyonce and JAY-Z.
Are you ready to hear with Nicki has in store for her new album? Do you think she’ll out due Cardi B?




3. Travis Scott Is Being Sued for Being a No-Show

Travis Scott is reportedly being sued for missing out on a concert performance.
The event company, PJAM, says they paid him $150K of his $200K in advance and haven’t gotten their money back. PJAM also claims that they paid a $10K booking fee to his agent and got a private jet to make sure Scott got there.
PJAM is suing for the money they spent as well as “repetitional harm” from the cancellation. The show was scheduled for February 3, the day before the announcement came that his daughter Stormi was born, which is thought to be the reason he cancelled.
You think Scott’s gonna give the money back or keep the money and do the show later?

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