DMX And Swizz Beatz Bring Back The Ruff Ryders Energy On “Bane Iz Back”

Swizz Beatz has been promising fans a new album from DMX for years now. Not just a shotty indy album either, a real Dark Man X album with Swizzy behind the boards. Last night (Jan 11), the Ruff Ryders finally delivered a new single, “Bane is Back.”

Inspired by DC comics supervillain, DMX sounds comfortable and confident as he rolls in and out of Swizz’ bass heavy instrumental while sirens blare in the background.

“Cats nowadays be spitting that fu** shit/Bird ass ni**as spitting that duck sh**/I’m from the old school and that there, we don’t fu** with, X growls in between Swizz’ infamous ad-libs.

Swizz has been excited about his project with X in recent interviews. He says he’s extremely fortunate to be working on new music with his Ruff Ryder brother. X’s last real album, Undisputed, was released in 2012. However, Redemption of the Beast (Seven Arts Entertainment) surfaced back in 2015, in which the Yonkers took legal action for unauthorized release of the album.

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