Nickelodeon’s All That…..Stop, look and watch Ready Yet, get set, All That is coming back!

Nickelodeon All That Revival

Nickelodeon will revive the program All That with an all-new cast. But the show will have callbacks to its past as well. Kenan Thompson, the long-running “SNL” cast member who got his start on television when “All That” launched in 1994, will serve as an executive producer. Nickelodeon expects some former cast members to make appearances in the series.

All That Nickelodeon Cast

The nickelodeon cast of the hit TV show “All That” is set to make a huge comeback in the coming months.  The old cast members will be back, and they are looking more promising than ever!  An All That revival would continue Nickelodeon’s efforts to dig into it’s past to help secure it’s future.

Kenan Thompson To Headline Star-Studded Cast

The Saturday Night Live star has come a tremendously long way since the “Good Burger” days.  Starring on night-time televisions top-ranking show, he will be bringing a new flavor and spice to the rejuvenation attempt of the past hit series  “All That”.  Critics and audiences alone have been going nuts over the release of this information today!

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