Italian Convent Forced to Shut Down After Nun Falls In Love with Local Man

A 17th-century Italian convent has been forced to close its doors after one of its four nuns fell in love with a local man. Convent of the Cappuccini Fathers in Sansepolcro was re-opened in 2015 after years of abandonment, and has been run by Benedictine nuns since then. Sister Maria Teresa, mother superior, was recently stripped of her title after having fallen in love with a local man, local newspaper La Repubblica reported. Its still unclear whether Maria, stepped down on her own, or if she was forced to, though she told the news outlet she was very devasted by the outcome.

“People cry for the closure of the monastery, and I cry, too,”. “What I am suffering will mark me for life, and it will be difficult that, in the future, I still want to deal with the church.” she stated.

She also curved La Repubblica’s questions as to whether her departure had anything to do with an affair.

“They wanted to say so, let them say it,” she said. “The matter is much more complicated than it seems.”

Riccardo Fontana, Bishop of Arezzo, told the outlet he was not involved in the decision, and it was “very painful” for all involved.

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