Jennifer Lopez Kicks A** In Epic Dance Battle On ‘The Tonight Show’

Most of us may have forgotten, but Jennifer Lopez first got her start as a dancer on ’90s comedy series In Living Color. It’s definitely been a while since the star showed off her improvisation skills on the dance floor, but in a hilarious dance battle against The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on late Tuesday night (Mar. 1), J.Lo proved she’s still got it.

During the “Back It Up” singer’s appearance on the late-night show, she and Fallon engaged in a friendly dance-off. The rules of the game were simple: each player would pick a card with an unusual action on it out of the “velvety dance bag” and then make up a new dance to the song. Show host Fallon went first, drawing “pulling up skinny jeans” from the bag. As the Roots began to play some music, Fallon hilariously reimagined the act as a silly dance move, squirming around on the floor.

He gets an A for effort, but J. Lo pretty much knocked it out of the park with her dance for “washing machine on spin cycle.” In just a brief eight-count, the performer squat down low, moving her hips in circular motion before adding a head spin in the mix. “You put me in these things and you know how competitive I am! So I start acting crazy,” she joked.

The two then went in for another round, showing their best moves. Finally, they joined forces to draw “seeing yourself on the jumbotron,” and together, frantically dabbed and wiggled around. The synchronized routine was cute, but in the end, the singer dominated the dance floor. J. Lo’s next guest appearance probably should be on MTV’s Dance Battle.

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