DJ Bedz has teamed up with the Urology Center of Colorado “TUCC” to talk about the things guys don’t talk about, their junk.
The Doctors at The Urology Center of Colorado are the trusted experts that can help in all matters of urology and men’s health.
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The Urology Center of Colorado

The Urology Center of Colorado is the only comprehensive urology center in the Rocky Mountain region. Known locally as TUCC, we provide treatment for all urologic conditions at one convenient Denver location and feature:
• A team of 18 highly specialized doctors working together
• On-site radiology, laboratory and complete pathology services
• A comprehensive urologic cancer center with the most advanced treatments available today
• An advanced radiation oncology suite with state-of-the-art technology
• Nationally recognized urology and cancer research programs
• A complete surgery center on the TUCC campus
• A focus on Men’s Health including: vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, erectile dysfunction, male fertility, low testosterone, Peyronie’s disease, BPH and more.

Junk Talk

Junk Talk: Erectile Dysfunction

One of the things that guys definitely don't talk about is Erectile Dysfunction and it's one of the most common issues guys deal with. It also affects guys from all ages 20+. Typically, because we don't discuss the things we get sucked into risky medicine or try quick fixes. It's extremely important that you have real doctors help you with this…

Junk Talk Episode #2 – Testosterone

There are many different ways you can optimize the absorption of Testosterone into the body, as DJ Bedz found out during his most recent visit to the doctors at The Urology Center of Colorado. For more information on the range of services provided, contact

Junk Talk with the Doc

As guys, when it comes to issues below the belt we do everything we can to avoid the topic. We don't talk about it with our significant others, we don't talk about it with friends, parents or even our doctors in most cases. It's time to talk about our JUNK guys. That's right it's no longer a tabu subject. I've teamed up with my most trusted…