Lil Boosie On His Brother Stealing $361,000 From Him: “Trust Nobody”

Lil Boosie’s pockets were a little light last week when it was reported that $361,000 went missing from the Louisiana rapper’s account. According to TMZ, Taquari Hatch, Boosie’s brother, called up Capital One and made nearly a dozen transfers from the rapper’s account to several people who would later give him the cash. At one point, Hatch even wired $80,000.

Since the news broke that Boosie’s brother was the culprit behind the theft, Boosie has been relatively quiet. But the 34-year-old took to social media to get a few things off his chest.

“Money is the ruler of all evil,” Boosie captioned. “This some real f**ked up sh*t but you learn from your mistakes. Hopefully since the arrest has been made I can finally get my money and move forward.”

Hatch could have gotten away with his crime but mentioned his wife, which Boosie does not have. From there, Capital One called the fraud department. Hatch was charged last week with identity theft and fraud.

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