Lil Dicky is not Dickin around!! As he drops his star-studded “Earth” Music Video.

"this is about to be of of the more monumental moments in human history."

If you were to pick one musician to be the face of the fight against climate change, it probably wouldn’t be Lil Dicky. The 31-year-old comedian-rapper has been a lightning rod for criticism; he’s frequently accused of appropriation and tastelessness, including following the release of last year’s “Freaky Friday” featuring Chris Brown. In 2016, he admitted that he was “actively uniformed” about political and social issues.

Lil Dicky will attempt to show a new side of himself with “Earth,” a star-studded ode to our planet that aims to raise awareness and money for environmental causes. The song and animated music video, released three days before Earth Day, feature the vocals of more than 30 A-list stars—including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg, Sia, Katy Perry, Kevin Hart and the Backstreet Boys—making it something like this generation’s absurdist answer to “We Are the World.”

We love our earth, and deep down know that we need to change! Lil Dicky is keeping not only us, but the younger generation.#WOKE


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