Lil Wayne Says Nicki Minaj is ‘Still the Queen of Hip-Hop’: Watch

Lil Wayne talks all about his new album ‘Tha Carter V.’ During his photo shoot with Billboard Magazine, the rapper discussed what he’s currently listening to — which resulted in a declaration that Nicki Minaj is still the queen of hip-hop.

“Call it bias or whatever, but to me, she’s the queen and she’ll forever be the queen, just because of how hard she works and what she came from… She’s always a queen in my eyes,” he explains. “I think Nicki is still the queen of hip-hop simply because who she is. You have to know her like I know her, and to know everything she’s done and what she does, to be who she is and how she is and what she’s become.”

When it comes to his own hip-hop endeavors, Lil Wayne thanked fans for their patience and expressed that he hopes they can feel his pride. “Hopefully it’s amazing to everyone else as amazing it is to me. I put a lot into it. It’s been a long time coming.”

As for what music Lil Wayne is currently listening to, is it Nicki’s latest album Queen? Nah, he has a different new album on repeat: “The artists I’m currently listening to would be myself, me, and I.”

check out his Billboad Magazine cover.

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