Logic Announces that the Entire Wu-Tang Clan Will Appear on His ‘YSIV’ Album

Logic just unveiled one of the elusive features to appear on his highly anticipated YSIV album, which is currently slated to release Sept. 28. The Maryland-bred rapper couldn’t contain his excitement when he hopped on Instagram to share that he notched cameos from each of the living Wu-Tang Clan members on his upcoming LP.

“You know how you not supposed to give secrets about your album?” he asked his fans. “But then you tell everybody that you have the entire Wu-Tang Clan featured on your album? You didn’t even release the track list, but the whole Wu-Tang — RZA, GZA, Inspectah [Deck].”

The 28-year-old’s Visionary Music Group confirmed his shocking declaration minutes later Sunday night on Twitter. “I’ma be honest: This is one of the best albums I ever made,” Logic said, continuing to raise expectations for the album. “It’s so boom bap, it’s so hip-hop, and the reason it’s so special is ’cause if I release boom bap after boom bap after boom bap, it wouldn’t be that fucking dope.”


Source Billboard
Via Billboard

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