Lori Loughlin fired from Fuller House in wake of college admission scandal

No one can stop watching the fallout over the ivy league college admissions scheme dubbed Operation Varsity Blues by the FBI. As actress Lori Loughlin stares down the possibility of up to five years in prison for her alleged involvement, her career and family are seeing enormous consequences. Her daughters are apparently dropping out of USC over fears of bullying, eldest daughter (the prolific vlogger and Instagram influencer) Olivia Jade has lost a lucrative partnership with Sephora cosmetics, and Loughlin has been dropped from Hallmark movies (RIP, Garage Sale Mysteries). Now Loughlin’s most famous role may be a thing of the past, for Deadline has spoken to an insider who says Aunt Becky might be dismissed.

According to Deadline’s “well positioned” source, “She’s toast, it’s over,” meaning that Loughlin will no longer be welcome in the Tanner residence as Fuller House prepares to film its fifth and final season for Netflix. The source notes that the decision hasn’t been finalized, but it’s as good as done:



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