Maine Man Arrested, Accused Of Driving Across US On Google Threat

A man from Maine was arrested Sunday on allegations he made criminal threats against Google and traveled across the country to confront the company for closing down his YouTube channel.

Mountain View police received notification on Friday from Iowa State Patrol that their officers had recently been in contact with Waterville, Maine resident Kyle Long, 33. Iowa State Patrol had spoken with Long twice that day, once after his vehicle was involved in a non-injury collision and a second time after he vandalized a restroom at a gas station store a short time later.

Long informed state troopers that he was on his way to Mountain View to meet with Google after his YouTube channel had been shut down, which he claimed was resulting in him losing money.
Employees at the gas station store in Iowa did not want to press charges against Long, and the crash did not warrant Long to be detained.

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