Mile High Moments – Worst First Day at Work


Brian – Brian was working for a concrete company when he switched jobs to go work with a friend. They were in the middle of nowhere in Brush Colorado working a job when Brian “had to go”. There was no porta-potty or bathroom around but it was only #1 so he went under a bridge to relieve himself. He happened to let out a little gas… but it was more than just a “little” gas.  HE POOPED HIMSELF!!!! He had to call his boss to pick him up and take him to a gas station to get cleaned up. From then on his nickname was Sh***y. He is no longer with the company.


Abigail – Abigail got a new job at a dispensary and while she was on her way driving to her first day, she was pulled over. Someone had stolen her plates. Well, Abigail found out the day before, she had a warrant out for her arrest from an old ticket she had for not having proof of insurance.. So she was ARRESTED. She called her new boss crying hoping she wasn’t going to be fired. Luckily, they gave her another chance and Abigail has now moved up as the GM of the same dispensary. GO GIRL!

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