DJ KTone

dj ktone2DJ Ktone is what happens when Elmo’s gets a hold of an NWA tape. I’m from Denver, Colorado and am the king of keeping white outfits crisp all night (even when there are chicken wings involved). I wear many hats (literally and figuratively, since I own over 200 different styles ) and my favorite food group is breakfast. I also happen to be the king of the late evening freestyle and I take one shoe off when I’m shooting dice. I scratched a record for the first time when I was six and it was a Sesame Street tape. Once, I hit my stomach across the fader and it stopped the party, I started going to the gym a week later. I kept up with the gym routine but I still put syrup on everything.

When I was in elementary school, no one could pronounce my real name so I asked my mom why couldn’t she just name me “Joe.” I’ve had every hairstyle you can imagine, except for the Mohawk (guys named Joe probably love the Mohawk though) and I still get nervous before shows. I keep hand sanitizer in the DJ booth and clean my hands after every handshake.

DJ DeVonte Luv


I Always…  Wear Shorts
I’ve never…  Liked Flying, But When I Do I Have to Get A Window Seat
When I’m drunk I…  Like Listening To Old School Hip Hop In My Headphones
When I dance I look like…  I Don’t Dance! No Skills Here.
Every Morning I…  Figure Out Creative Ways To Cure A Hangover
Sometimes I think about… Opening A Restaurant. Fat Boy Status.
Twice a week I… Wash My Car
Every 4th of July I… I Blow Up Things That Could Land Me In Jail
When I’m Downtown I Always… Want A Cheese Cake
My Last Relationship ended… Thank You 6 pound 11 Ounce Baby Jesus!
If I had a pet Frog, it’s name would be…   Samson
If I could meet 3 dead people, they would be…  Eazy-E, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson
Burritos make me… Very Happy (Yum Chubby’s)
When I see a mime, I… I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Seen One
When I get to Chick-Fil-A on Sunday and remember it’s CLOSED…I…. Apologize To The Kids For Getting Them Excited
When I see pictures of Kim Kardashian I… That Ass Though
Taking Selfies is…  For My Boy Jaz
Rehab is for…   Quitters
When I was a kid, I was… Always Taking My Electronics Apart To See How They Worked.
Old School Hip Hop makes me… Who I Am!