Multi Millionaire Offers $314,000 To Anyone Who Will Marry His Daughter

One thing Thai millionaire Arnon Rodthonghe doesn’t have is a son-in-law, but he’s working to change that. Arnon, who made his fortune farming durians, a fruit that is so stinky some places have banned it, is putting up 10 million baht, or $314,000, to give to the man who marries his daughter, Karnsita. The 26-year-old is single and works for the family business, but Arnon is desperate to find her a husband, who will then take over the durian business.

Arnon has instead agreed to give his future son-in-law 10m Thai baht (240,000GBP) plus they will have a stake in his sprawling farm valued at several millions of pounds.

Karnsita added that she doesn’t care what her future husband looks like, noting, “Iā€™m not very good-looking myself so Iā€™m okay with any appearance.” She went on to say, “I only want a man that I can bring to social events and take selfies with.ā€

Men interested in marrying Karnsita are asked to head to Rodthong’s business in Chanthaburi, Thailand on April 1.

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