One Of The Toys Added To The Toy Hall Of Fame 2018 Is Kinda Lame

One of these toys kinda sucks....

Let me start with I LOVE TOYS!  Always have, always will.  So each year when classic toys are inducted into the Toy Hall Of Fame I get a little hyped.  And just like in any other Hall Of Fame, there are always some questionable inductees.

Some of this years Toy Hall Of Fame finalists were American Girl Dolls, Chalk, Chutes and Ladders, Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Masters of the Universe, Sled, tic-tac-toe, Tickle Me Elmo, and Tudor Electric Football.

Chalk??  Seriously?  And tic-tac-toe?  What If I use the chalk to play tic-tac-toe?  Thankfully Chalk did not make it this year……but what toys did?

UNO!  —  Great game!  Can’t say nothing bad about the choice.

Pinball!  –  Also totally well deserved!  Should have come sooner.  

And then we have…..The Magic 8 Ball!  WAIT! WHAT?!?!  THIS IS TERRIBLE!

What are they thinking?  If you can get more then 5 mins of enjoyment out of this thing I award you the title of most neglected child on the block.  This is about as entertaining as a pet rock.

Ever play baseball with a Magic 8 Ball?  Now we are talking.

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