Only One Person Has Smoked Snoop Dogg Under The Table

It’s always a high time to kick it with the Long Beach, California rap legend Snoop Dogg about his favorite pastime: weed. “It’s medicine,” he says. “I think it medicates me.” Last week, in a quick conversation while on set in L.A. for a top secret project, the Doggfather waxed poetic on the ways that Mary Jane clears his lane. “[It’s] what the world is based on now. It’s more medicated and dedicated, so you got to look at it like it’s healing people,” he says, straight-faced.

Yet, the benefits get a little too loose when taken orally for the Dogg. “The edibles is another way to medicate yourself. It’s also a great way to feel good about what you doing, without everybody knowing what you doing. I respect that and at the same time, I don’t cus I can’t have control and I lose control of my everything when I do that.” Snoop continues his reasoning, “Cus it’s in my bloodstream, it’s all over me and I don’t like feeling like that, so I don’t do it.”

Being known as a worldwide smoke master, of course, challenges come to Snoop from the best of the puff, puff pass blowers. Even his young “nephew,” superstar artist Wiz Khalifa, has tried to test the THC levels of the Dogg. The proof was there during a live show in December 2016, where the Taylor Gang founder gave up the mission of out-smoking Snoop in front of thousands of Houston concertgoers. “Wiz Khalifa can’t out-smoke me. He can’t. He’s a young, aspiring… his karate is good, but he could never,” Snoop says while smirking.

The only iron lung that can outlast the Dogg is the one and only, country music icon, Willie Nelson. “That’s the only person that’s ever smoked me under the table,” Snoop says. When asked how does one know that they have been out-smoked, Snoop answers, “When you want to stop. When you are looking for an exit. You understand me? There is a rotation that’s going around like a track meet. Then all of a sudden somebody passes you the baton and you’re like, ‘I’mma stand over here while y’all run that sh** out.’”

All of the smoke sessions can build up a mighty munchies mood and Snoop has the ultimate snack for the attack. “One of the best stoner snacks is fried bologna with cheese. Then you gotta throw your favorite potato chips in there, inside of the sandwich. [Put it] on top of the [skillet] ‘til it bubble up and then you flip it over and put the cheese on it. C’mon Cuz!”

As for the level of family business with the recreation of choice, Snoop explains, “None of my kids drink, but smoke… responsibly [laughs]. I try to be an example, try not to be hypocritical. How can I tell them not to when I do? It’s just the way that I do, I do it very respectfully.” This thought wave speaks to the very essence of who Snoop is 24/7, with or without the peace pipe. Be on the lookout for his new endeavors within the smoke cloud consumer space.

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