Paraglider makes a safe landing in Canberra then gets attacked by a kangaroo!

Paraglider lands, immediately gets attacked by kangaroo

Kangaroo attacked a man who was completing a flight on a paraglider in the area of an abandoned space tracking station Orroral Valley near the city of Canberra Australia

A paraglider recently learned that the hard way when he landed and was immediately attacked by a kangaroo roaming the runway. This video comes to us from Canberra, Australia, a city southwest of Sydney in the Australian Capital Territory. A man successfully lands a paraglider and is greeted by a pair of kangaroos.

“What’s up, skip?” the man asks the approaching kangaroo, before realizing it was not as friendly as initially anticipated.
The video is incredible. The paraglider continues to tell the kangaroo to “f*ck off” and tries to also fend off what is absolutely some kangaroo fisticuffs. Meanwhile, the second kangaroo looks on, apparently the backup if a man who was just soaring above Australia does any counter-damage on the kangaroo attack.

The whole thing is worth watching a number of times to take in the smaller details, and the initial friendly greeting of the kangaroos who just happened to stroll by here before jumping into action only gets funnier as you go. Thankfully everyone, including the kangaroos, appears to be OK.

“Ah, f*cking kangaroos,” the paraglider says.

And at least he didn’t land in a comically large nest of Australian spiders or something.

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