People are apparently going on honeymoons without their spouses

“Frankly, the idea of separate honeymoons may signal the continued evolution of marriage,” she told the Times. “Given the recognition that for most couples today, marriage and partnership is considered all-consuming, with the partner needing to fulfill every role — physical, spiritual, emotional and sexual — perhaps separate vacations is a recognition among some couples that all expectations cannot be met by a single person.”

Apparently, couples are no longer celebrating their first days of wedded bliss watching sunsets in the Caribbean or sightseeing in Paris. Instead, according to the New York Times, they’re booking separate, solo vacations or trendy “unimoons.” Plus, new research says 1 in 4 Americans report they actually get more out of travel when doing it alone.

So much for “till death do us part.”

What would make two people who just decided to spend the rest of their lives together duck out so quickly? Well, take the Times article’s lead couple, who couldn’t agree on a post-wedding destination. The groom wanted to go to France … to watch soccer. The bride didn’t. So she “visited a friend in Toronto,” while her new hubby headed to Europe to watch sports with his bros.

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