Queen Latifah Says Today’s Rappers Have “Lost Their Balls”

Queen Latifah may be recognizable in today’s day and age as an Academy Award-nominated actress, but don’t get it twisted; the superstar got her start in the hip-hop game.

The N.J. native stopped by Ebro In the Morning on Thursday (Jul. 20) to discuss her latest film, Girl’s Trip. Since the radio show is hip-hop and R&B centered, Ebro asked the rap veteran about what she thinks about the current state of hip-hop.

“I feel like a lot of rappers, they lost they balls, they got soft,” Latifah said. “When things are going on in the world, like with Trump or elections, this was the stuff [rappers] chewed on, you know? Where’s the flip side of the ‘Molly, Percocet’? We spoke on that stuff.”

“We had the power to change people’s minds about things going on in the world, not just whose a** is the fattest, dumb sh*t,” she continued. “[Old school rappers] actually helped stop apartheid in South Africa…we do have that power, we just don’t use it like we should.”

She also discussed listening to rap music today, and how she enjoys how diverse the culture is.

“I listen to hip-hop stations like I’m 15,” she explained. “I think this is a great time for hip-hop. People always smashin’ on the kids, on the youngsters…just give ‘em, like, five years…Music is something universal, it’s something that’s supposed to connect us.”

Check out the discussion around the 29-minute mark.

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