Reality Show Featuring Prince’s Family Is Reportedly In The Works

Prince’s family is currently battling the release of the late icon’s untouched music, but despite the ongoing litigation, they plan to focus their sights on a reported reality show, TMZ reports.

The site states that the highly-influential musician’s family hopes to depict life after the “Purple Rain” artist’s death and showcase his unreleased tunes within the show, which is why they’ve worked diligently to place a halt on the official debut of Prince’s Deliverance EP.

In April, the six-track soundscape hit streaming services but was swiftly pulled following the estate’s lawsuit. George Ian Boxill, one of Prince’s studio engineers, spearheaded the project but was met with the family’s suit.

Per The Root, the lawsuit reads, “Instead, Mr. Boxill maintained copies of certain tracks, waited until after Prince’s tragic death, and is now attempting to release tracks without the authorization of the Estate and in violation of the agreement and applicable law.”

Prince passed away on April 21, 2016 of an overdose.

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