Russell Simmons’ Hip-Hopera ‘The Scenario’ Is Reportedly In The Works

Among his many accomplishments, Russell Simmons is now gearing up to make his theatrical debut by creating a hip-hop musical, which he announced back in 2014, reports i-D.

Simmons, who co-founded Def Jam in 1984 with Rick Rubin, is partnering up with the label’s parent company, Universal Music Group. The musical, titled The Scenario, will shed light on the rise of rap’s ascension throughout the years.

“I want everyone to see it,” the mogul told the New York Times. “I want kids in the ‘hood in Detroit to see it. I want sophisticated theatergoers in New York to see it. And they’re going to love it whether they’re 50 or 14.”

The Scenario originates from A Tribe Called Quest’s song of the same name. Reportedly, the musical will have tunes from the likes of Drake, Sugarhill Gang, Kendrick Lamar, and Kurtis Blow. “The difference between Rakim and Kendrick Lamar is minimal,” Simmons added.

In addition, most of Universal Music Group’s rap catalogue will be featured in the production. Simmons is set to look into “a lot of technology” to push the envelope, and do something similar to a concert than a traditional Broadway musical.

Are you ready for The Scenario?

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