Salad dressing rebranded as “salad frosting”

Kraft Introduces ‘Salad Frosting’ To Get Kids To Eat More Greens. Kraft disguising salad dressing as frosting is pretty funny. I’d totally use this. I also have my kids convinced carrots give you special jumping abilities if you eat enough of them, and that’s why rabbits eat them right?

The product is just Kraft Classic Ranch Dressing disguised in a frosting container.

“According to a recent study, Ranch dressing is the most popular dressing in the United States, and kids will eat anything with frosting, right?” the press release notes. “It’s a match made for dinnertime bliss. Now, convincing children to eat salad, broccoli and carrots may be a whole lot easier. Just add Kraft Salad ‘Frosting.’”





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