Strange: Humpback Whale found dead in depths of Brazil’s Amazon jungle

Dead humpback whale found in Amazon Rainforest, leaves scientists puzzled

Scientists are stumped on how exactly a humpback whale ended up dead on the edge of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. It seams like a plot to a blockbuster Sci-Fi, A Humpback Wale in the Middle of the Jungle? The 8-metre-long carcass (26 feet) was found near the mouth of the Amazon river last Friday under a circle of vultures. Afterwards, several videos of the unfortunate animal were posted online.

Humpback whales normally frequent the Amazon Basin in wintertime, when salt water crawls up the freshwater rivers, and that’s precisely what makes this discovery so baffling.

Not only was the whale found remarkably far from shore, it was also found in the exact opposite season you’d expect to see humpbacks in this region.

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