Viral Easter Bunny Guy Just Tried To Use His Costume As A Getaway

Last April, 20-year-old Antoine McDonald from Orlando, Florida went viral when he saw a couple physically fighting and stepped in to defend the woman while he was dressed in a full Easter Bunny costume. After the video went viral and Antoine identified himself as the guy behind the costume, it turned out he was a FUGITIVE who was wanted in New Jersey for car theft. It’s not clear if anything ever came of that.

But now Antoine and his Easter Bunny costume are back in the news and, once again, it’s not in a good way.

According to the cops, earlier this month, Antoine was on his motorcycle in Altamonte Springs, Florida and he ran a stop sign, drove up onto a yard, and crashed into a carport. It collapsed, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Then Antoine ran off. And when the cops found him a few blocks away, they found him hiding in the backseat of a car trying to disguise himself by wearing his Easter Bunny costume.

The cops say he was possibly trying to fool them into thinking it was just a costume in the car, not a person in the costume, but, quote, “The bunny appeared to be alive.” He was arrested for a hit-and-run and driving without a license, although he denied that he was the one who crashed. He told the cops, quote, “I’m the Orlando Easter Bunny, Google it.”

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