The top Ten Things about your house that neighbors judge you for.

Here’s a good question for the first week of spring. Are your neighbors silently judging you because you never mow your lawn?

A new survey found half of homeowners have at least one neighbor with an ugly yard. Not mowing your lawn is one of the biggest complaints. Here are the top ten things about your house that can make people judge you before you even step inside..

1. A dirty exterior. Meaning the outside of the house looks dirty, or needs a paint job.
2.You haven’t mowed your lawn in a while.
3.Dead Flowers or Plants
4. Weeds
5.Overgrown flower beds
6.Your house is weird color
7.A tacky mailbox
8.”No Trespassing” sign
9.Chain link fences
10.A sign that say, “Beware of Dog”

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